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Cyberjaya College Central is an affiliate of University of Cyberjaya. It offers a Diploma in Healthcare alongside certificates in business studies, healthcare and information technology. Students shares the same facilities as their peers at the University, and are prioritised for the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes when they choose to further their studies. The college’s core mission is to transform societies with holistic learning through outstanding student experience. Committed to foster essential skills and competencies, its curriculum is designed for students to achieve their potential.

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Diploma in Healthcare

(R2/720/4/0039) (A 9196)

Diploma in Healthcare is a 3-year programme which provide students with the knowledge in healthcare organizational values, strategies and philosophies, paving the way for graduates to obtain task-performing skills to be applied in a healthcare setting upon graduation.

Certificate in Science

MQA/PA 14668

Our Certificate in Science aims to prepare students with a strong foundation in science with the basic knowledge of scientific and theoretical concepts. It covers the fundamental and practical aspects of subjects to a variety of studies and careers across the field of science.

Certificate in Business Studies

(N/340/3/0778) (PA 11226)

This programme helps you to understand the ever-changing business landscape and its practices. Certificate in Business Studies programme aims to prepare students with essential business skills and expertise in the competitive business environment. It also equips students with the basic knowledge and skillsets needed in the field of business administration.

Certificate in Information Technology

Our Certificate in Information Technology aims to provide students with sound understanding in principles, theories, and practices of computing technologies. The programme is tailored to train students with essential technical skills and knowledge in current and emerging technologies to produce more IT-focused and IT-competent individuals for the workplace.



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